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C&K Building waterfalls: teaching and learning guidelines second edition 2011.



The inspiration for, and the name of the first C&K early childhood curriculum framework  came from five-year-old Blake who attended a C&K affiliated kindergarten in 2004.  When asked what he liked best about coming to kindergarten, Blake’s answer was quick and certain, “building waterfalls”.

 The metaphor "building waterfalls" provides a powerful and symbolic provocation for the C&K philosophy, and is a reminder of the capabilities of children – their strength, optimism, courage and spontaneity. 
History and research
In 2006, after more than two years of extensive research and community consultation with leading early childhood practitioners, key stakeholders, parents and children, the first edition of C&K Building waterfalls: a guideline for children’s learning and for teaching in kindergarten was published.
Australia’s first collaborative birth to school age curriculum framework was universally acclaimed as inspiring and thought provoking, taking early childhood education to a new level. 
In 2009, a review of the first edition commenced with a broad working party. C&K early childhood educators, families and children were able to draw on more than 100 years of early childhood experience and practice to develop the C&K Building waterfalls teaching and learning guidelines (second edition). For the second edition two guidelines were developed: kindergarten and the birth to three years. 
C&K Building waterfalls for kindergarten (second edition) was approved by the Queensland Studies Authority in September 2011. The kindergarten and birth to three years guidelines were released in January 2012 to all C&K educators. A new look, new design and review of content has ensured the guidelines are relevant for an ever changing and learning world.
The second edition was developed to ensure C&K Building waterfalls complemented the national Early Years Learning Framework released by the Australian Government in 2009 as well as meeting all requirements under the National Quality Framework.
New guideline for birth to three
Research shows the first three years is the most crucial period in growth and development for children. This is why the C&K team of early childhood educators have developed a new guideline for educators of children aged birth to three years. 
The C&K Building waterfalls: a guideline for educators, living and learning with children aged birth to three offers all early childhood educators, whether in a long day care, family day care or in-home care setting, an approach to the earliest years of care and education based upon the enduring C&K philosophy, as well as encompassing contemporary practices and understandings of the early years. 
All in a day's play - storybooks for children
The storybooks are written for parents and educators to read with children as they are about to begin their early childhood education and care journey. They are intended as a conversation starter with young children about what they might expect in their early childhood program and what they may experience in their day. All in a day’s play provides a connection for parents and educators to our curriculum - C&K Building waterfalls. There are two versions of All in a day’s play  – one is for kindergarten aged children, and the other for children aged between birth and three years of age. They are a part of the suite of resources developed to support educators and families to honour every child’s right to play as well as to have a happy and fulfilling educational experience and childhood.  Families will receive a copy of All in a day’s play upon their enrolment in their C&K program.
Created by and for educators
C&K Building waterfalls teaching and learning guidelines are different to other early childhood curriculums in that they are both created by and for educators, parents and children. The C&K philosophy of allowing children to learn through exploring, investigating, problem solving and negotiating, as well as contemporary international early childhood research and practice are featured throughout the second edition.
C&K believes that children do not learn in isolation. It is a collaborative process. C&K Building waterfalls teaching and learning guidelines acknowledge the important role educators, parents, other children and the physical environment play in a child’s learning.
C&K Building waterfalls acknowledges children as competent and capable learners.. 
Adults and children share responsibility for the learning process through interaction, negotiation and collaboration. International studies have proven that children learn and thrive in a warm, caring play based environment that includes parents in the learning process. 
By choosing the independent C&K Building waterfalls teaching and learning guideline, for kindergarten or birth to three, all educators receive ongoing support, coaching and mentoring by C&K Early Childhood Advisors. Through support of our educators, families will see the benefits of C&K Building waterfalls every day in their child’s learning and development.  
To find out more about C&K Building waterfalls, download an educator brochure or parent/guardian brochure today.