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C&K Aspley East Community Kindergarten


C&K Aspley East is a 2 unit community centre with 88 enrolments.

Families can choose to attend:

Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays, 8:45am - 2:45pm OR

Thursday and Friday, 8:15am - 3:45pm

Our Centre was established in 1966 to provide quality, affordable early childhood education and learning to the community in Aspley and surrounding areas, with our motto “where children come first”.

At Aspley East Kindy we pride ourselves on fostering an inclusive community and learning environments in which the diversity and individuality of families and children is recognised and celebrated.  C&K believes that the inclusion of all children is a mutually enriching experience for our children, their families, C&K personnel and C&K stakeholders. Individuality and the interdependence of all children, including those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and children with additional needs, are appreciated, respected and encouraged by C&K.

We are a not-for-profit organisation and are affiliated with C&K.  As an affiliate service the Management Committee must manage the Centre according to C&K operational guidelines and educational standards.  C&K is our Central Governing Body (CGB).  We receive partial funding through the Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) with the remainder of our operational costs covered by the payment of fees from families attending the Centre.

NQF Assessment & Rating
On 1st January 2012 the National Quality Framework (NQF) introduced a new integrated national approach to the regulation and quality assessment processes for early childhood services. As an existing licensed service we are now deemed as Approved Providers and our Centre as an Approved Service. We have been assessed and determined to be “Exceeding’ the National Quality Standard.

More information on the National Quality Framework

Kindy Portal
Included in the fees at Aspley East Kindergarten we provide each parent secure access to an online and interactive documentation program called Kindy Portal.

Features of Kindy Portal include:
- Individualised Portfolio for each child
- Kindergarten Program
- Links to kindergarten curriculum and other parenting information
- Interactive space for parents and teachers
- Secure access to photos of kindergarten activities and events
- Individualised assessment and transition statements for each child prior to beginning Prep
- Email alerts for new information/updates

Parent Testimonials
 Yes we are accessing Kindy Portal. I love the idea of Kindy Portal, it's been great seeing how the children spend their day at kindy and the variety of activities they do. This is a great addition to Aspley East C & K, I would have loved this when my older children were at Aspley East C & K.

Yes, we are accessing Kindy Portal. It's a great way to get some insight into what's happening at Kindy, both for individual children and the broader group. I really value the opportunity to comment in response to articles too, and Sophie loves seeing the stories and photos.


Please visit www.aspleyeastkindy.com.au for further information about C&K Aspley East Kindergarten. 

Please view our instructions on how to enrol your child to our kindergarten

If you want to enrol your child, please fill out the waiting list application form and return it to the centre.

Kindergarten, also known as pre-prep or preschool, is a program for children in the year before they attend school. When places are available, 3-year old children can attend.

C&K's kindergarten programs are guided by university-qualified teachers and support children to be curious, capable, and collaborative learners.

At C&K we know that children do not learn in isolation, for us learning is partnership between teachers, children, parents, and communities. 

All C&K centres feature Listening and Learning Together: The C&K Curriculum Approach. The learning outcomes in our approach align with both The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF), and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QKLG).

Our approach continues the longstanding traditions and philosophical commitments of C&K to our children, families and communities. Read more about the history of C&K.

We've designed our indoor and outdoor spaces to ignite imaginations, nurture healthy minds and bodies, as children explore, experiment, play and learn.

Learning through play is an integral part of our education program. Our educators skilfully enrich and extend on children's play experiences, creating a learning program that is tailored and meaningful for your child.

Your child's learning journey is shared with you via conversations with your child's educators, through written documentation in your centre and through StoryPark (an app and website). 

Read more about C&K's education program.


Parents, in the event that you require someone other than those listed on your child's Enrolment Form to collect your child/children from the Centre, please complete the Additional Emergency Contact and Authorisation to Collect and Care form.

Please note this form needs to be provided to the Centre PRIOR to collection of your child/children. Please do not hesitate to speak with your Teacher or the Director if we can assist you further.

Workplace Health and Safety Policy & Procedures Manual


Aspley East's daily fees are:

  • 5 day fortnight: $34.40/day
  • 4 day fortnight: $43.00/day

For further information, please refer to the 2020 Statement of Fees (PDF)

Please contact the Centre for information about subsidies that may apply eg. Health Care Card Subsidy.