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Become a C&K Affiliate Service

The Queensland Government has nominated C&K as a “Central Governing Body” (CGB). A CGB:

  • distributes State Government funding to approved members
  • provides support and guidance
  • monitors and audits its members compliance obligations.

Your service can apply to become a C&K affiliate. If your Kindergarten applies to become an affiliate and C&K approves your application, you will be required to sign a C&K Member Service Agreement.

The Member Service Agreement is a contract between your service and C&K that contains specific information relating to:

  • Your chosen membership model
  • Your annual membership fee
  • C&K’s obligations to support your service
  • Your obligations to C&K (as your CGB).

To learn more about becoming a C&K affiliate service including membership benefits please contact us on 1800 177 092 or by email