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Become a C&K Affiliate Service

Joining us at C&K

C&K is Queensland’s pre-eminent provider of early childhood education and care. We are a non-profit organisation with 350 kindergartens and childcare centres established across the State, providing more than one million children with quality education since 1907. 

We value inclusion, celebrate diversity and support the right for all children to access a quality early childhood education. We are immensely proud of our achievements and it is our vision to be a leader in education and care excellence.

With 161 affiliated community kindergartens across Queensland, we appreciate and understand that each kindergarten and childcare centre is unique and our role as a Central Governing Body (CGB) is to support each centre so they can maximise outcomes for their children, families and staff.

At C&K we deeply value and respect the important role of teachers and educators. Our affiliated kindergarten and childcare staff are offered opportunities for ongoing professional development, including access to workshops, seminars and involvement in Communities of Practice with access to a range of resources and guides. We understand each kindergarten and childcare is unique and represents a different community. We value working collaboratively with our affiliated centres, to provide the level of support required to allow your centre to focus on their children, families and community. 

C&K encourages a love of learning that is supported by Listening and Learning Together: The C&K Curriculum Approach. The learning outcomes in our approach align with both The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QKLG), as well as contemporary practices and understandings of the early years.

We embrace the diversity of children, families and communities and are committed to reconciliation with children from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. Under the Queensland Government’s Central Governing Body arrangements, C&K provides a range of benefits to Kindergartens and Childcare Centres who wish to partner with us.

Key benefits of being affiliated with C&K:

Connected to a strong, trusted and credible brand and a professional community.

Straightforward service management support. 

  • Benefit from leveraging C&K's brand / recognition, use of branding elements including C&K's logo and exposure to more than 200,000 website visitors per year
  • Be part of sector-leading research, knowledge sharing and professional communities of practice
  • Have access to engaging, quality professional conversations, forums and events 
  • Have access to C&K's library of policies and /procedures which provides a contemporary, comprehensive and compliant framework for early childhood education and care services
  • An information portal that provides easy access to resources that will support you to effectively manage the kindergarten and committee Quality, contemporary articles and forums on key issues for kindergartens, created and delivered by qualified and expert advisors
  • Online and phone support to assist with general enquires as well as specialised advisors able to assist with more complex issues and requests
  • Committee induction and training on a range of topics that help to keep the kindergarten running smoothly

Expert and tailored advice regarding curriculum, inclusion, compliance and assessment and rating.

  • Access to C&K's sector-leading early years educational pedagogy, practice, curriculum strategies and resources 
  • Receive tailored and expert support and advice that assists you to deliver a quality kindergarten program
  • Access to regular professional development through multiple delivery channels 
  • Access to high quality online resources, created and delivered by expert advisors and practitioners.

Great customer service and customer experiences.

  • Regardless of how you contact C&K, we strive to ensure that we resolve your enquiry quickly and professionaly
  • We provide a range of ways for you to get the information you need from practical advice over the phone, visits to your service or through our online information self-serve portal
  • We encourage you to be part of our online communities, message boards and discussion· forums
  • We welcome feedback and love to hear your suggestions.

The Queensland Government has nominated C&K as a “Central Governing Body” (CGB). A CGB:

  • distributes State Government funding to approved members
  • provides support and guidance
  • monitors and audits its members compliance obligations.

Join C&K

Your service can apply to become a C&K affiliate. If your Kindergarten applies to become an affiliate and C&K approves your application, you will be required to sign a C&K Member Service Agreement.

The Member Service Agreement is a contract between your service and C&K that contains specific information relating to:

  • Your chosen membership model
  • Your annual membership fee
  • C&K’s obligations to support your service
  • Your obligations to C&K (as your CGB).

To learn more about becoming a C&K affiliate service including membership benefits please contact us on 1800 177 092 or by email