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C&K Building waterfalls


C&K Building waterfalls is C&K’s early childhood curriculum framework. It is Australia’s first collaborative birth to school age curriculum framework and is universally acclaimed as inspiring and thought provoking, taking early childhood education to a new level. C&K Building waterfalls is based on enduring C&K philosophy, as well as encompassing contemporary practices and understandings of the early years. 

C&K Building waterfalls is a guideline for educators, living and learning with children aged birth to three offers all early childhood educators, whether in a long day care or in-home care setting, an approach to the earliest years of care and education based upon enduring C&K philosophy, as well as encompassing contemporary practices and understandings of the early years.

C&K believes that children do not learn in isolation. It is a collaborative process. C&K Building waterfalls teaching and learning guidelines acknowledge the important role educators, parents, other children and the physical environment play in a child’s learning. C&K Building waterfalls acknowledges children as competent and capable learners.




The name C&K Building waterfalls came from five-year-old Blake who attended a C&K affiliated kindergarten in 2004.  When asked what he liked best about coming to kindergarten, Blake’s answer was quick and certain, “building waterfalls”.

The metaphor "building waterfalls" provides a powerful and symbolic provocation for C&K philosophy, and is a reminder of the capabilities and contribution of children – their strength, optimism, courage and spontaneity.

History and research

2006 - after more than two years of extensive research and community consultation with leading early childhood practitioners, key stakeholders, parents and children, the first edition of C&K Building waterfalls: a guideline for children’s learning and for teaching in kindergarten, was published.

2009 - a review commenced with C&K early childhood educators, families and children helping develop C&K Building waterfalls teaching and learning guidelines (second edition). This edition included both kindergarten edition and one for children birth to three years.

2011 - Queensland Studies Authority approves C&K Building waterfalls for kindergarten (second edition), complementing the national Early Years Learning Framework released by the Australian Government in 2009 and meeting all requirements under the National Quality Framework.

2019 - Listening and Learning Together: The C&K Curriculum Approach is launched, for children birth to five. C&K Building waterfalls is decommissioned.