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Call for 2019 Papers - Open Now!

People | Places | Spaces

The Queensland Early Education and Care Conference is the largest conference of early childhood professionals across Queensland attracting over 700 delegates. We acknowledge that many people and professions make a strong and positive contribution to quality early childhood education and care. This is a forum to come together to share knowledge, thinking and practice.

Presentations selected for the Conference will be determined by a panel based on information provided in the Abstracts submitted and criteria below.

Key Dates:

  • Call for papers open: Monday 29 October 2018 - NOW OPEN
  • Call for papers close: Monday 10 December 2018
  • Confirmation to present:  Advice will be provided by end 2018
  • Final presentations due: Friday 24 May 2019
  • Conference: Saturday 29 June 2019

Please submit your application based on one of the following conference themes.

1. People

Relationships and interconnectedness are central to high quality early childhood education and care. This strand reflects the multiple perspectives, roles and contributions of people in early childhood education and care; the enablers and barriers; and how we understand ourselves and others within our professional work. 

Related areas:

  • Ethics and leadership 
  • Educational leadership
  • Partnerships and relationships
  • Wellbeing

2. Places

Place is part of who we are and who we might become.  This strand honours our First Nations People in honouring country and place.  It also considers the possibilities of our global context and explores global citizenship, and children as active and connected citizens and agents of change both now and for the future. 

Related areas:

  • Honouring country and place
  • Children’s rights
  • Global citizenship – children’s connections and contributions 
  • Sustainability
  • Identity

3.  Spaces

Spaces for learning and reflection are important for us all. How are learning spaces co-designed by adults and children? Let’s reimagine spaces - indoor, outdoor, virtual, community, natural, built.

Related areas:

  • Diversity of learning spaces
  • Design 
  • Environments for children and adults
  • Community and global spaces


  • Addresses themes of conference
  • Relevant to educators and contemporary to the sector
  • Challenges current thinking and practice 
  • Innovative and engaging presentation

Presenter Information

Please identify which of the three conference themes your paper contributes to directly:
  • People 
  • Places 
  • Spaces

Type of presentation

  • Presentation/lecture (keynote presentations for larger groups) – 1 hour  OR
  • Workshop/interactive session (practical hands on workshops for smaller groups) – 1 hour

Title of presentation

  • Abstract:  Please attach a summary of your presentation – no more than 300 words
Since the selection of the final papers will be based on the abstracts only, the abstracts must be specific and reflect the intended contents of the paper.

As consideration for services to be rendered by the presenter, The Queensland Early Education and Care Conference (Creche and Kindergarten Association) will provide the Presenter a complimentary one day conference registration on the day of their presentation only. All information provided by potential Presenters will be managed in accordance with C&K's Privacy Policy. 

All submissions must be made via the form below, and any enquiries please contact

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