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Bella Grace Brightwater School Kindergarten

Situated directly on the school premises the Kindergarten offers a 5 day fortnight program within a beautiful natural learning environment. Again, close relationships with the school enables a smooth transition to the Kindergarten children as they continue their learning journey to big school.

Meet Malissa Van Beek, Director

"Hi, my name is Malissa. I am the teacher/director at Bella Grace Brightwater School Kindergarten. I hold a Diploma of Teaching and a Bachelor of Education ( Early Childhood ), and have been a part of the amazing Bella Grace team for more than 11 years.

Prior to my employment with Bella Grace I was a classroom teacher with Education Queensland. I believe in inspiring children with a love of learning in a caring and stimulating environment, filled with fun and spontaneous laughter.

The Bella Grace Brightwater School Kindergarten opened in March 2014. Since it’s opening we have created a dynamic, welcoming space that embraces each child and their families’ needs. Our kindergarten offers simultaneous high quality indoor outdoor play areas that are a haven for children to explore.The children learn through discovery, with caring and enthusiastic educators closely supporting their learning."

$900 per term +$50 resource levy