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Updated: Tuesday 30 March 2021

On this page, there are FAQs for:

All families

Is it still safe for my child to attend?

The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) advised on 6 April 2020 that early childhood education and care services are essential services and should continue to operate with appropriate risk mitigation strategies. At C&K, we have put in place additional measures to protect children and staff. This includes increased handwashing, environmental cleaning and where possible, practising social distancing. Please read our COVID-19 Commitment Statement (PDF) to learn more about what we are doing to support the health and wellbeing of everyone attending our centres.

In accordance with AHPPC recommendations, staff, children, and visitors must not attend their centre if they are unwell.

My child has complex medical needs, is it safe for them to attend?

The Department of Health advises if your child has complex medical needs, please ask your health practitioner whether it is appropriate for your child to attend an early childhood education and care centre.

Do I need to let C&K know if my child or someone they live with is being tested for COVID-19?

Yes, please let your Centre Director know and email us at We maintain a confidential register of children and their close contacts who are being tested for COVID-19. You will also need to let us know the test results, and we may ask you to provide us with a copy before your child can return.

My child is being tested for COVID-19; can they attend before we get the results?

No. If your child is being tested for COVID-19, they will not be able to attend the centre until we are advised of a negative test result, are well, and no longer displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

If someone my child lives with is being tested for COVID-19, but my child is not being tested, can my child still attend?

Yes, unless otherwise advised by your doctor, the testing clinic, or Public Health, your child can continue to attend. However, the person being tested will not be permitted to enter the centre until they have received a negative test result, are well, and no longer displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

My child is sick, needs to be isolated, or we want to keep them at home. Will we still have to pay fees? 

Yes, regular fees apply for enrolled days whether your child attends or is absent.

I've recently cancelled my enrolment; can I enrol again?

We would love to have you back, however this will depend upon available spaces at your centre. Please contact your Centre Director to discuss re-enrolling. It may be that you are placed on a waitlist until a space becomes available.

Can I keep my child's place if they are not attending?

This will depend on the availability of places. If we have families in need of care, we will need to offer them the place. 

Will my fees increase this year? 

Fees are usually increased once per year in July. Fee increases for 2021 were communicated to families during December 2020. For more information, please visit our Fee policy or contact your Centre Director

Will families who are newly enrolled be charged an enrolment fee? 

Yes. Newly enrolled families will be charged the enrolment fee noted in the Statement of Fees for each centre. The applicable enrolment fee can be found on the centre webpage, or by speaking with the centre Director. If the enrolment fee is $0 in the Statement of Fees, you will not be charged a fee upon enrolment.

What do I need to do when I drop off and pick up my child from their centre?

To ensure the health and safety of our children, families, and employees, we ask that you practice social distancing of 1.5 metres with other families, children, and teachers/educators.

For further information, please refer to our  COVID-19 Commitment Statement (PDF). 

How will social distancing work at my centre?

We will try and maintain social distancing between any adults at the centre.  It is not practical to maintain social distancing between children, and when our teachers and educators are supporting children's learning. Here is a list of social distancing measures your centre may implement:

  • Staggered or rolling mealtimes (offering meals over a long period of time) to encourage small groups when eating.
  • Place fewer chairs at each table or use more tables for mealtimes and activities. Implement small group learning when possible.
  • Stagger routines so that small groups of children access handwashing and toileting facilities at any one time.
  • Ensure children spend more time outdoors or implement an indoor/outdoor program – providing more space for children and educators to access.
  • Open windows and adjust air conditioners to maximise ventilation.

For further information, please refer to our  COVID-19 Commitment Statement (PDF).

Do I need to get the influenza (flu) vaccination to enter a C&K centre?

The Department of Health recommends that children and parents/guardians receive the flu vaccination. However, this is not compulsory. Families can still attend our centres if they do not receive the vaccination. 

Could announcements by Queensland's Chief Health Officer affect my centre?

Potentially, any directions issued by the Queensland Government and/or Queensland's Chief Health Officer may impact the centre. All centres are required to abide by these directions, including the movement and gathering direction.

Can centres still hold face-to-face events such as end of year gatherings, working bees, or orientation sessions for new families?

C&K is encouraging our centres to explore alternatives to holding face-to-face group gatherings such as using online conferencing via Microsoft Teams. We know that many centres have thought very creatively to reconsider holding face-to-face events to accommodate smaller groups of children and families. We continue to encourage centres to keep gatherings at centres small.

Given restrictions have eased, centres may consider hosting face-to-face events, providing COVID-19 safety guidelines are followed.

Centre events held at an external venue with a COVID-19 Safe Plan may be able to host larger groups.

Can our centre still organise excursions?

Centres can plan excursions, taking into consideration the feelings of families, children and staff and ensuring all required COVID Safe measures are implemented.


C&K childcare, outside school hours care or extended hours kindergarten families

My CCS hours have reduced because I have been affected by COVID-19, what can I do? 

Services Australia advise that eligible families affected by COVID-19 may get up to 100 hours of CCS per fortnight for up to 12 weeks.  Detailed information can be found on the Services Australia website including the steps families take to apply.

Does the activity test still apply? 

Yes, please refer to the updated information on the Services Australia website.

How much CCS am I entitled to? 

The percentage of subsidy a family is entitled to is based on combined annual family income. Families earning $69,390 or less receive the maximum CCS rate of 85 per cent of the actual fee charged, or the relevant hourly rate cap (whichever is lower).  As family income increases the rate of subsidy decreases, reaching zero per cent at $353,680. Families with incomes at or above this threshold have no CCS entitlement.  To find out how much CCS you are entitled to, please visit Services Australia.

How do I make sure that I remain eligible for CCS payments? 

Please visit the Services Australia - How to manage your CCS payment webpage for information on what you may need to do to remain eligible.

What options are available if I am experiencing financial hardship? 

For families experiencing vulnerability and financial disadvantage, the Australian Government provides Additional Child Care Subsidy (ACCS). This subsidy is available under a number of different circumstances, including for families experiencing temporary financial hardship. For more information about ACCS, please visit the Additional Child Care Subsidy page or contact us

Alternatively, If you are experiencing financial hardship and would like to make a payment plan arrangement, please contact our Accounts Receivable team at or speak with your Centre Director.

Can I increase the number of days my child attends?

Please contact your Centre Director to discuss the possibility of increasing the number of days your child attends.

Can I book extra days on a casual basis for my child? 

Yes. If you are enrolled at a childcare, outside school hours care or extended hours kindergarten you can book available casual days via the KindyNow App

What happens if my child is unable to attend? 

From 1 July 2020, families are entitled to 42 absence days per child in the 2020-21 financial year. 

I’ve lost my job, can my child still attend? 

If you have a current enrolment at C&K, then you are welcome to continue bringing your child to a C&K centre.  How much CCS a family can get is based on their individual circumstances. Please refer to the updated information about activity levels on the Services Australia website.

Will I receive a refund for fees paid in advance?

If you have paid fees in advance and your account is in credit you may be entitled to receive a refund. Please contact your Centre Director to discuss.

My child isn’t immunised. Can they attend? 

Yes. You can attend if your child isn't immunised; however, you will not be entitled to CCS. To meet the CCS requirements, all of your children need to do one of the following:

If you received CCS and your child stops meeting these requirements, you have 63 days to start meeting them again. If you don’t, your subsidy will stop.

For more information visit the Services Australia website.