COVID-19 FAQS and updates | C&K - childcare and kindergarten

COVID-19 FAQS and updates

Updated: 26 October 2022

Do families need to be vaccinated?

No. Families, carers and authorised contacts do not need to be vaccinated to visit C&K centres and complete drop off and pick up.

My child is being tested for COVID-19; can they attend Kindy/Childcare before we get the results?

No. If your child is being tested for COVID-19, they cannot attend the centre until we are advised of a negative test result, they are well, and no longer display symptoms consistent with COVID-19.

Do we need to isolate if there is a positive case at my child's centre?

No. Children, educators and family members who attend at the same time as a positive case are not considered close contacts and do not need to isolate or quarantine unless directed to do so by a Public Health Authority or unless they develop COVID symptoms.

If you or your child tests positive to COVID-19

Please click here to read the Queensland Government’s guidelines and important steps to protect yourself and others.

Please let your Centre Director know if you or your child tests positive to COVID-19. 

What if my child displays COVID-19 symptoms when not attending Kindy/Childcare?

You are required to keep your child at home. We strongly encourage you to test your child for COVID-19 and advise your centre if your child tests positive. 

Why do I need to keep my child at home if they are unwell, or pick them up from the centre if they are displaying symptoms similar to COVID-19?

Children who have any illness or flu like symptoms including, but not limited to, runny nose, fever, diarrhea, cough, or sore throat, are not allowed to stay at the centre. We follow our Exclusion due to Illness Procedure (available on our website) which explains that your child can return to Kindy/Childcare if it has been at least 24 hours since your child’s fever has stopped, and they are otherwise well and symptom-free.

How do I talk to my child about COVID-19?

Your child may have questions about what coronavirus is, and what can be done to help keep their friends and family safe. Talking about the virus can help ease your child’s worries. Read our article.

If someone my child lives with is being tested for COVID-19, but my child is not being tested, can my child still attend?

Yes, unless otherwise advised by your doctor, the testing clinic, or Public Health, your child can continue to attend. However, the person being tested will not be permitted to enter the centre until they have received a negative test result, are well, and no longer displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19.