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Creating kindness - our social purpose

Our social purpose (sometimes known as social responsibility) had its beginnings in 1907 when single mothers were struggling and their children had nowhere safe to play and learn. C&K was started to help disadvantaged families and children.

Today we educate and care for children all across Queensland. And our social purpose is what we strive for on top of this. It is our additional effort and investment; it is how we create social change for vulnerable children, families, and communities.

Our priority areas are:

  • Supporting disadvantaged & vulnerable children who are missing out on early childhood education and care. In particular children with additional needs, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, and culturally and linguistically diverse children.
  • Sustaining quality C&K services in the most disadvantaged communities. In particular kindys and childcares in low socio-economic areas, rural or remote communities, and where we might be the only kindy or childcare in the area, and those established to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities
  • Innovating to develop and trial new ideas to improve early childhood services and child and family outcomes.