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Excellence and Innovation Awards

C&K has a proud history of recognising and supporting individuals and services who champion children, families and the community. 

The C&K Excellence and Innovation Awards form part of the Queensland Early Education and Care Conference. The awards recognise C&K people and services who work collaboratively, who are innovative and creative with their programs. Each of the winners embodies the values of C&K and we’re excited to showcase and celebrate their great work. 

Our 2019 Winners

Education and Care Excellence Award C&K Jinibara Community Kindergarten

This award recognises an individual (or group) who has gone beyond what is expected to lead and/or implement an innovative early education and care program, activity of initiative.  This award recognises an individual (or group) who has gone beyond what is expected to lead and/or implement an innovative early education and care program, activity of initiative.  

The team at Jinibara collectively view and engage each child as an individual, to make their inner light shine through. They are actively engaged in their broader community, working closely with local health practitioners and surrounding schools to continually reflect on their programs to ensure they are meeting the needs of local children and families. Educators Lisa and Jodie are known to have ‘robust’ pedagogical conversations with their team to constantly reflect on their practices, ensuring they continually grow and develop in leading contemporary education and care programs. 

Reconciliation Award, Kylie Goodwin from C&K Marian Community Kindergarten 

This award recognises an individual (or group) who has demonstrated exceptional commitment and enactment to reconciliation.

Kylie is passionate about embedding reconciliation in her everyday thinking and practice.  Her passion comes from having developed a deep understanding of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. She believes it is essential to embed Indigenous perspectives in her teaching and to do that, has developed relationships with community elders, who are now actively involved with her kindergarten. This includes strong reciprocal relationships with children, families and educators. 


Award for Safety and Wellbeing, C&K Kingston Kindergarten 

This award recognises the work of an individual or group who provides consistently high standards of safety/wellbeing awareness and practice. Safety relates to every aspect of our work with children and adults alike extending to both physical and emotional safety and wellbeing.


The team at Kingston create an environment where children and families from diverse backgrounds and cultures, feel safe and included. The team have not only considered how their program supports children but adapted the structure and operation of the centre to better support and meet families needs. Kingston works closely with support partners to provide a multidimensional program to meet diverse needs of children from cultural backgrounds and have actively committed and participated in the Queensland government pilot program supporting many children from Refugee and Asylum Seeker backgrounds.

Professional Excellence Award - Belinda Rule from C&K Eimeo Road 

This award recognises an individual (or group) who has gone beyond what is expected in demonstrating professional excellence. 

The commitment and dedication Belinda brings to her role is outstanding. Since embarking on her early childhood career, she has focussed on creating environments where inclusion of all children and families is paramount. Belinda has developed close supportive referral partnerships with external agencies and worked closely with families experiencing challenges and complexity. Belinda is solutions focussed and always remains calm and supportive. Her professional excellence is demonstrated every day as a strong education and community leader supporting children, families, her education team and the broader community.

Community Leadership Award - Koobara Aboriginal & Islander Family Resources Centre Inc

This award recognises an individual (or group) who has gone beyond what is expected to lead, innovate, advocate or support children, families, community and/or C&K. This award relates to broader connections with community or beyond.

The team at Koobara have been leading strong culturally safe community early childhood education and care programs for many years. They are a community hub with multiple programs and partnerships that extend well beyond the hours of the day. United in community, they are strong advocates and leaders in providing early childhood programs and beyond with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and families.

Emertius Professor Mary Mahoney Award for Excellence in Early Childhood Education and Care, Belinda Rule from C&K Eimeo Road 

This award is presented to a very high achieving individual or service, who encompasses C&K values and works diligently to achieve key strategic priorities set by C&K. The winner of this award has gained great respect in the community, continues to be innovative in practice and is a role model for all.



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