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C&K has a long and proud history of managing community childcare and kindergarten centres in Queensland. We have more than 180 C&K Branch Centres and almost the same number of Affiliated Kindergartens.

We have two membership options available:


C&K will become the licensee of your centre, assuming the day to day operations including staff management, financial matters, IT, professional development, National Quality Framework, facilities management and legislative responsibilities.

Many volunteer Parent Management Committees are finding that the time commitment, pressure, and increased legal, financial and regulatory demands of running a kindergarten service are too great. Management committees can find it challenging to recruit parents to volunteer the time and skills necessary to operate what is, in effect, a complex small business.

Therefore, becoming a Branch centre helps ease this burden; significantly reducing potential risk and providing increased benefits to parents, staff and most importantly the children attending your centre.

>Benefits of becoming a Branch Centre 

Affiliated centre 

Your kindergarten will operate as an independent incorporated association and the day to day management of the centre will be undertaken by a Management Committee consisting of volunteer parents elected annually. As an approved C&K Affiliated Kindergarten, your centre will be aligned with C&K’s well-established and trusted brand; receive: support to manage funding; training for management committees and educators; access to extensive C&K resources and professional development.

> Benefits of becoming a C&K Affiliated Kindergarten 

For more information on becoming a C&K centre please contact us on 1800 177 092 or by emailing