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Kindergarten.  The year before your child begins prep at school.

The C&K kindergarten/pre-prep program has more than 105 years of successful outcomes for children and their families. Attending a C&K kindergarten service provides opportunities for your child to learn through play, prepare them for their schooling life and make lifelong friends. 
Did you know C&K offers more than 350 branch and affiliated kindergartens across Queensland? 
    • A branch kindergarten is owned and operated by C&K.
    • An affiliated kindergarten is owned and operated by a volunteer parent management committee that has a signed agreement with C&K.
The purpose is the same – where children come first and all receive the highest standard of C&K early childhood education and care, via C&K Building waterfalls teaching and learning guideline for kindergarten, C&K policies and procedures to name just a few.
Becoming part of the C&K family will enable your child and your family to share in the highest standard of early childhood education and care in a supportive, fun and safe environment.
C&K believes learning should be fun and meaningful, a C&K kindergarten can offer your child an enriched environment so they can initiate and maintain their own learning. Children, who participate in a quality C&K kindergarten program can learn to develop relationships, develop skills in early numeracy and literacy which provides strong foundations for the transition to school.
All C&K kindergarten services and programs, offer the Queensland Studies Authority approved C&K Building waterfalls teaching and learning guideline. Our committed early childhood educators provide a nurturing environment, whereby under their guidance, your child will:
    • Make friends and learn how to interact with other children
    • Explore and express their creativity
    • Connect with natural environments
    • Build confidence and find their unique identity
    • Connect with their world through play and other activities
    • Learn to be an effective communicator and involved learner
    • Develop early numeracy and literacy skills
Get involved
A C&K kindergarten experience gives you and your family numerous opportunities to be actively involved in your child's learning.
You can take a personal role in the running of the centre by serving on the parent advisory group (for branch services) or the management committee (for affiliated services), while rosters and home visits provide other opportunities for families to be involved.
As a parent of a C&K branch kindergarten, you will be able to participate in fundraising, working bees and attend parent forums whereby C&K holds an event solely for parents to attend. You could learn about the latest early childhood practices, special needs, tips for reading to your child. This is just a few of the important areas you can participate at a C&K branch service.
C&K affiliated kindergartens are managed by an elected volunteer management committee comprised mainly of parents of the service. C&K provides support to all affiliated kindergarten services in terms of funding distribution, C&K policies and procedures, C&K Building waterfalls teaching and learning guideline, professional development of educators, access to the C&K brand and marketing support when required, plus much more. As a parent of a C&K affiliated kindergarten, your management committee always welcomes your support.