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In acknowledging that each child and family have unique early education and care requirements, C&K is proud to provide a range of different programs including - childcare, kindergarten, and outside school hours care throughout Queensland.

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How will the new Child Care Package affect me?

C&K Building waterfalls

C&K’s early childhood education curriculum, C&K Building waterfalls, is used in all C&K services. Accredited by the Queensland Curriculum and Assesment Authority (QCAA) and meeting every National Quality Framework (NQF) requirement it combines the C&K philosophy of children learning through play with contemporary early childhood research and practice.

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Programs unit had its beginnings in the early 1980's and has evolved to provide support to a number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander services, management committees and Educators in Queensland.

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