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Become a C&K Branch centre

Many volunteer Parent Management Committees are finding that the time commitment, pressure and increased legal, financial and regulatory demands of running a kindergarten are too great. Anecdotal evidence suggests management committees are finding it challenging to recruit parents to volunteer the time and skills necessary to operate what is, in effect, a complex small business. 

Becoming a Branch centre helps ease this burden, significantly reducing risk and providing increased benefits to parents, staff and most importantly the children. 

When a centre becomes a branch, C&K as the licensee becomes responsible for: 


Staff management including recruitment, performance management, professional development and payroll

Workplace health and safety including incident and accident management, reporting, training and compliance
Information Technology
Provision of all required IT, maintenance, training and support
Financial Management
All aspects of the service’s financial management including invoicing, collections, GST, reporting and auditing
Provision of all required insurances
Legislative Compliance
All aspects of legislative and regulatory compliance including the National Quality Framework
All aspects of building repair and maintenance
Management of Queensland Kindergarten Funding Scheme (QKFS) data collection, funding calculation and distribution


Benefits for staff

C&K becomes the employer of staff at your centre and accrued entitlements (eg. sick leave, annual leave and long service leave) are transferred to C&K, ensuring continuity for staff. Favourable employment conditions, ongoing professional development, career progression opportunities, portability of service and secure staff entitlements ensure a smooth transition.

Benefits for children, parents and community

Children benefit as staff and parents are able to focus on the educational program, ensuring the successful delivery of Listening and Learning Together: The C&K Curriculum Approach. Parent involvement will continue to be expected and encouraged as part of community involvement.

To learn more about becoming a C&K branch centre please contact us on 1800 177 092 or email