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Become a Committee Member

How to become a C&K Affiliated Committee Member

C&K supports the needs of our affiliated centres to focus on their children, families, and community. C&K affiliated centres operate as independent incorporated associations, managed by a volunteer management committee.

C&K offers educators opportunities for professional learning and building strong networks with other teachers/educators. As a Central Governing Body (CGB), C&K provides centre management skills, great customer service and experiences, expert and tailored advice, access to a strong, trusted brand and a connected professional community.

Centres affiliated with C&K receive comprehensive support in governance including managing kindergarten and inclusion funding, training for committees and educators, advice, and support regarding inclusion, use of the C&K brand, curriculum approach and resource materials.

Advice and support are also provided to support regulatory frameworks including the National Quality Standards.

As a Committee Member of an affiliated C&K centre, you are responsible for managing your centre effectively.

Your Committee is elected by the members of the Kindergarten during an Annual General Meeting (AGM), and will be responsible for managing centre operations for and on behalf of the members.

C&K’s support services are available in a range of formats to suit Committees, including online, via telephone and face to face.

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