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C&K Banyo Kindergarten

Operating Hours:

Monday to Friday 8.30am - 2.40pm


Children attend a five day fortnight.  The week is divided between two groups.
Group A: Monday, Tuesday, alternate Wednesday
Group B: Thursday, Friday, alternate Wednesday


Welcome to C&K Banyo Community Kindergarten.

We offer quality education and care for children in the year before they attend Prep. We are a dedicated kindergarten so your child will take part in a quality play-based program with other children their age.

C&K Banyo runs for 40 weeks per year, during Queensland school terms.
We are located at 237 Tufnell Road, Banyo. Our kindergarten is within walking distance of the Banyo train station, local shops and two local schools.
Our service offers stimulating indoor and outdoor environments that offer a range of opportunities for children to learn through play. Our outdoor environment provides children with a welcoming green space that features two large shade trees and garden beds with a variety of plants.
Our staff are early childhood qualified and are dedicated to providing a quality early childhood program that supports children to grow, learn and reach their potential.  We acknowledge team work - between educators, children and parents - as the best way to progress our service.  We look forward to welcoming families to our service.

Visit our centre webpage for more informationhttps://www.banyokindergarten.com.au/ 

Child-Led Learning  

No two days are the same at Banyo Kindy Our teaching team tailor each day’s learning taking into account the interests of the children in the group. The spacious environment at our kindy is thoughtfully planned and well resourced. There is a focus on music, drama, literature and visual arts and time spent discovering the natural environment outdoors. 

Community Spirit  

Community spirit is important to us at Banyo Kindy. We foster our strong ties to the local community by encouraging parent input and involvement in the daily operations of the kindergarten and programming decisions. We often hold and partake in community events and love connecting with local businesses and groups around us 

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Don't miss out on a place, waitlist your child today. 

Contact us to add your child to our waiting list.  You will be added to a queue and contacted as soon as a suitable place is available. You can download the form here or visit the kindergarten to do so.

We have waiting lists open for the next 4 years so you can place your child on the waiting list before they are old enough to attend. It is important to have your child's name on the waiting list to avoid future disappointment.

Enrolment offers begin Term 2, the year before a child attends. During the enrolment process, you will be contacted by both phone and email. Please ensure you keep your details updated with the kindy to enable a smooth enrolment process. 

What year should my child attend kindy?

This table shows the year the Queensland government recommends your child attends kindergarten. Children aged 4 years old by June 30 in the year they attend kindy are also called ‘Eligible age’ or ‘Target age’.

Year born Kindy year
1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019 2023
1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 2024
1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021 2025
1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022 2026

Kindergarten, also known as pre-prep or preschool, is a program for children in the year before they attend school. When places are available, 3-year old children may be able to attend.

C&K's kindergarten programs are guided by university-qualified teachers and support children to be curious, capable, and collaborative learners.

At C&K we know that children do not learn in isolation, for us learning is partnership between teachers, children, parents, and communities. 

Our curriculum approach, Listening and Learning Together, aligns with both The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF), and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QKLG).

It continues the longstanding traditions and philosophical commitments of C&K to our children, families and communities. Read more about the history of C&K.

We've designed our indoor and outdoor spaces to ignite imaginations, nurture healthy minds and bodies, as children explore, experiment, play and learn.

Learning through play is an integral part of our education program. Our educators skilfully enrich and extend on children's play experiences, creating a learning program that is tailored and meaningful for your child.

Your child's learning journey is shared with you via conversations with your child's educators and through written documentation in your centre, and in some centres through StoryPark (an app and website). 

Read more about C&K's education program.


Banyo Kindergarten has so much to offer you and your child!

Our facilities and experiences at Banyo Kindergarten are so very special and include:

- Outdoor Place Spaces - incorporating beautiful trees, plenty of shade, all sorts of natural spaces and versatile equipment. We recognise the importance of spending time outdoors and the benefits this has on our children’s overall health and wellbeing. We aim to create an outdoor play space that the children find inviting, engaging and challenging such as a Digging Patch, Sand Pit, Totem Poles & Bush Tucker Garden as well as a varied and stimulating active play area redesigned by the staff each day.

- Indoor Play Spaces - with a wide range of materials and opportunities for your child. These are versatile spaces and provide opportunities for both quiet corners and noisy collaborative play in pretend, construction, puzzling, reading & arts & craft.

- Artist in Resident Program - We are incredibly lucky to engage Kath Reilly, as our “Artist in Residence”. Kath visits our Kindergarten weekly from Term 2 each year. She works with the children both as a group, and individually, supporting them to explore creatively, develop their confidence as independent artists and delight in their artistic endeavours.

- Incursions and Excursions - Having visitors to the Kindergarten and opportunities to branch out into our community enriches the children’s learning and are enjoyed by all. Our Kindergarten is lucky enough to welcome four incursions throughout the year, one per term. Additionally, we engaged with our local community by going on one excursion to the Banyo Library and Memorial Park and welcoming our local Police, Fire and Rail Safety to Kindy. We have also been lucky enough to have visits from our Local Aboriginal Elder who over the past years has worked with us to develop our connection to country.


2023 Kindergarten Fees 

We are a not-for profit community-based kindergarten, so our goal is to put the child’s educational experience first and keep our fees as competitive as possible.

In 2023, there has been significant changes in kindergarten funding which aim to make kindergarten more affordable for all families. This means that all families attending Banyo Kindergarten in 2023 will see a substantial reduction in their daily fees.

In addition, there will be extra affordability subsidies available for any families who meet certain requirements (Kindy Plus subsides and the Family Tax Benefit subsidy).

To find out if you are eligible for these subsidies, please visit the Kindy Savings Website. This will ask you to complete a questionnaire that will assess your eligibility (please select sessional kindy in step one). Alternatively, you can contact us for more information.

- Banyo Kindergarten Full Fee (No subsidy applied) = $43.00 per day

- Base subsidy fee reduction (All families will receive a subsidy of $15 per day ($1500 per year), thereby reducing the daily fee for all families enrolled in 2023) = $28.00 per day - Kindy Family Tax Benefit fee reduction (If you are eligible for Family Tax Benefit, you will receive a subsidy of $35 per day ($3500 per year) = $8.00 per day

- Kindy Plus fee reduction (If you are eligible for Kindy Plus your child will attend kindy for free) = $0.00 Fees are payable twice per term and subject to change without notice, You will be invoiced the subsidised daily fee.

Additional Fees or Levies

- Enrolment Fee (A one-off, non-refundable fee when you confirm your enrolment) = $150

- Re-Enrolment Fee (A one-off, non-refundable fee for delayed exit families) = $75

For more information, please view our 2023 Statement of Fees (PDF).