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Beginning to Teach at C&K Program

Are you a newly graduated teacher or a teacher that has come to us from a primary or secondary background or a provisionally registered teacher? If so, then this program is for you!



The C&K Beginning to Teach at C&K program is a support and learning program to ensure teachers develop a love of teaching kindergarten aged children and ensure their retention in the sector as well designed, to support early career teachers through provisional to full registration.

The program is delivered over 12 months, with an extension of an extra 12 months available for teachers working toward full registration from QCT.

The program includes:

  • a Mentor from the C&K Early Childhood team.
  • a C&K Collaborative Teaching and Learning journal.
  • Tailored goal setting and access to a professional learning calendar with topics specific to those beginning to teach at C&K.
  • Hanen Training.
  • 4 specific program visits over the course of the program.
  • Bespoke context-driven professional networking opportunities i.e.  location based small group meetings, online line meetings.
  • Annual symposium with guest speakers.

In addition to the above, participants seeking to progress to full registration will have access to;

  • A report completed by the mentor that track’s PRT’s progress and is transferable across services.
  • Completion of the QCT review report.
  • Specific professional learning with focus on standards.
  • C&K PRT progress report.

Criteria for participants in the Program 

The program is available to C&K affiliate or branch teachers that are employed on a permanent basis or on a contract position for 6 months and over; AND

  • Provisionally registered through QCT; OR
  • Have graduated in the last two years from an ACECQA recognised teaching qualification; OR
  • Are working towards their teaching qualification; OR
  • Have completed a primary teaching degree and bridging course certificate 3; OR
  • Have completed a secondary teaching degree and certificate 3; OR
  • Early career teachers working in a room other than the kindergarten room in a Childcare Centre.

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