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Biloela Kindy has been helping young children grow since its inception in 1956. Biloela Kindy has held long associations with the general community and many of todays' parents enjoyed their kindergarten years with us.

Biloela Kindy is run by an elected volunteer management committee comprising of parents from the current years parents group. As a non-profit kindy (with all funds being invested back in to the kindy), the kindy relies on this management to ensure the successful operation of the kindy from year to year.

At Biloela Kindy, we offer a kindy and pre-kindy group - for children who have turned three years old in the year before they attend kindergarten.

What is kindy?

  • play based
  • teacher delivered
  • part-time
  • non-compulsory

A quality kindy program is the foundation of early childhood education and prepares children for school

Why is a Kindy/Pre Kindy program important?

The play-based learning of an approved kindergarten program helps prepare children for school and develop skills that are useful for life. Kindy program helps prepare children for school and develop skills that are useful for life. Kindy programs:

  • enhance and support social and communication skills
  • build self-confidence
  • encourage physical abilities
  • develop reading, writing and numeracy skills
  • cultivate a lifelong love of learning

What will my child learn?

Approved kindergarten programs develop your child's physical, social, intellectual, language and emotional abilities. They will have opportunities to learn how to:

  • use language to communicate ideas, feelings and needs
  • make friends and cooperate with other children
  • become more independent and confident in their abilities
  • develop self-discipline
  • creatively express ideas and feelings through art, dance and dramatic play
  • identify, explore and solve problems
  • develop reading, writing and numeracy skills

Your child will take part in individual and group activities such as block play, painting, games, puzzles, storytelling, dress-ups, dancing and singing.

Children take part in outdoor physical activities and interact with the natural environment

What is the learning program based on?

All approved kindergarten programs are based on the Queensland kindergarten learning guideline. The pre-kindy program is based on the Early Years Learning Framework. These guidelines give teachers advice on how to deliver a kindy program that meets national and state quality standards and regulations. 

Biloela Kindy operates a Kindergarten Group (for children in the year before starting Prep) and a Pre Kindy Group (for children who have turned 3 years of age).

Kindergarten Group

Monday & Tuesday 8.15am – 3.30pm

Pre Kindy Group

Wednesday & Thursday 8.45am – 12pm

A waiting list application form must be completed before any child can be entered on to the waiting list.  A separate waiting list is maintained for the Kindy and Pre Kindy groups.  Please return the waiting list application form to the kindy, via email (biloelakindergarten@bigpond.com) or post to 95 Kariboe St, Biloela 4715.

 To be eligible to attend the Kindergarten Group children need to turn or be 4 years of age by the 30th June.

To be eligible to attend the Pre Kindy Group children need to turn or be 3 years of age by the 30th June.  However, we cannot enrol any child who has not yet reached 3 years of age (this is a requirement on our licensing conditions). Therefore, those children born Jan – June can be enrolled to attend once they have their 3rd birthday.  Enrolments for these children will take place in the following term after their birthday. 

Children born Kindy attendance year
1 July to 3 June 2014  2018
1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015  2019
1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016  2020
1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017  2021


Children born Pre-kindy attendance year
1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015  2018 
1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016  2019
1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017  2020
1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018  2021


To find out more view our information brochure 

Download the Waiting List Application Form here

C&K Building waterfalls is C&K’s early childhood curriculum framework.  It is Australia’s first collaborative birth to school age curriculum framework and is universally acclaimed as inspiring and thought provoking, taking early childhood education to a new level.  C&K Building waterfalls is based upon enduring C&K philosophy, as well as encompassing contemporary practices and understandings of the early years and it is used by Educators at every C&K service.

C&K Building waterfalls: a guideline for educators, living and learning with children aged birth to three offers all early childhood educators, whether in a Long Day Care, Family Day Care or in-home care setting, an approach to the earliest years of care and education based on enduring C&K philosophy, as well as encompassing contemporary practices and understandings of the early years.

C&K believes that children do not learn in isolation. It is a collaborative process. C&K Building waterfalls teaching and learning guidelines acknowledge the important role Educators, parents, other children and the physical environment play in a child’s learning.  C&K Building waterfalls acknowledges children as competent and capable learners


To read more about C&K Building waterfalls click here.



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Biloela's daily fees are:  

  • Kindy: $37.00
  • Pre Kindy: $27.00 

For more information, please refer to the 2019 Statement of Fees (PDF)

Additional fees

  • Membership Fee - $35 per year
  • Building Fund - $50.00 per term (tax deductible)
  • Rest Time Blanket Hire - $35 per year ($30 is refunded on the condition that the blanket and sheet bag are returned in a clean and well-kept manner).