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C&K Chapel Hill Community Preschool & Kindergarten

Operating Hours and Groups

At Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten we have two models of delivery for families to choose from. We operate during QLD school terms.

  • Balimber - Blue Group: Monday, Tuesday and alternate Wednesdays, 8:25am to 2:35pm
  • Kupi - Yellow Group: Thursday, Friday and alternate Wednesdays, 8:25am to 2:35pm

The groups comprise a maximum of 22 children and the staff ratio includes 2 experienced and qualified staff to 22 children.

We are closed for school holidays, public holidays and some pupil free days.


Welcome to Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten.  Nestled amongst a leafy residential street in Chapel Hill is one of the western suburbs’ best kept secrets – Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten. For over 50 years, Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten has been educating children from suburbs across Brisbane’s west including Chapel Hill, Kenmore, Indooroopilly, Jindalee, Brookfield and Pullenvale.

From the minute you walk in to Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten, an overwhelming sense of calm envelops you. This is due to the engaging and peaceful surroundings that are highly conducive to early learning and the approach taken by the wonderful teaching team of early childhood qualified educators.

The teaching team observe the children and tailor each day’s learning according to their ideas. The spacious environment is thoughtfully planned and well resourced – there are wonderful trees for children to climb, a sand pit, a mud kitchen, a cave, a cubby house, swings and a garden to tend. There is also a focus on the arts – music, drama, literature and visual arts are all encouraged, culminating in the Kindergarten’s annual art show.

Our Program 

Another truly unique offering from Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten is our Bush Kindy program. We offer weekly Bush Kindy sessions in Terms 2 and 3. The children walk to a local park and explore the diverse natural environments of the creek and the surrounding bush. We spend two hours each session exploring the bush, using materials we find to inspire creative play.

The Bush Kindy sessions offer many opportunities for your child to develop their self-confidence, social skills and resilience. Spending more time outdoors also helps children develop knowledge and respect for the natural environment.

The program is child initiated, unstructured play with time to use real tools and learn new skills. The Bush Kindy sessions promote problem solving and self-assessed risk taking. 

There is also one annual offsite excursion with an environmental focus. In 2018, the venue was the Mt Coo-tha Botanic Gardens.


"My son is loving his time at Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten. It is not our local kindergarten but well worth the distance we travel to be part of this Kindy community. Both the Pre-Kindy and the kindergarten program have been wonderful and my son has thrived in both. The grounds of the Kindy are just beautiful and the focus on nature is nothing like I have seen in other kindys (the Bush Kindy program in particular is fantastic). My son loves the fact that he can choose to be inside or outside most of the day (there is no set inside and outside play times) and is especially fond of the sand pit and the mud kitchen. My son loves all his teachers and as parent I couldn’t be happier with our overall experience at Chapel Hill.

– Siobhan, Blue Group Parent 

"Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten is the most wonderful place for children to learn and grow. The staff care for the children as if they were their own. There are a variety of activities for the children each day and the children are free to play where they choose. The Kindy has a focus on the natural environment and the Bush Kindy program they run is a fantastic unique offering. My eldest child was very shy and did not cope well with being away from me. I sent her to a local day care with some success but I was never entirely comfortable leaving her at this day care. A friend recommended I look at Chapel Hill Kindy and I am thrilled that I did. Since starting at the Kindy in their Pre-Kindy program, my child has blossomed into a confident and social child. She is now in the Kindy program and absolutely loves going and seeing all her friends. I have no hesitation in recommending Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten to any parent.

– Gina, Yellow Group Parent

Child-Led Learning 

No two days are the same at Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten. Our teaching team tailor each day’s learning taking into account the interests of the children in the group. The spacious environment at our kindy is thoughtfully planned and well resourced. There is a focus on music, drama, literature and visual arts and time spent discovering the natural environment outdoors.

Community Spirit 

Community spirit is important to us at Chapel Hill Community Kindergarten. We foster our strong ties to the local community by encouraging parent input and involvement in the daily operations of the kindergarten and programming decisions. We often hold and partake in community events and love connecting with local businesses and groups around us.

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Don't miss out on a place, waitlist your child today. 

Waitlist now to secure your place at our centre. You will be added to a queue and contacted as soon as a suitable place is available. 

Places for kindergarten are usually offered for the following year, between May and July the year before.

Please contact our centre directly via phone or email if have any questions.

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What year should my child attend kindy?

This table shows the year the Queensland government recommends your child attends kindergarten. Children aged 4 years old by June 30 in the year they attend kindy are also called ‘Eligible age’ or ‘Target age’.

Year born Kindy year
1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020 2024
1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021 2025
1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022 2026
1 July 2022 to 30 June 2023 2027

All our kindergartens deliver C&K Quality Kindergarten Program. Kindergarten, also known as pre-prep or preschool, is a program for children who are turning 4 by June 30 in the year before they attend school. C&K’s kindy programs are government-approved and led by experienced and university qualified teachers. Our program supports children’s curiosity, creativity, problem solving, resilience and real-world knowledge and skills.

At C&K we know that children do not learn in isolation, so we approach learning as a collaborative relationship between teachers, eaducators, children and families. At C&K we believe children are powerful learners, active citizens, thinkers and theorisers - this is at the heart of our early childhood curriculum. We've designed our indoor and outdoor spaces to ignite imaginations and nurture healthy minds and bodies. Learning through play is an integral part of our education program. Our educators skilfully enrich and extend on children's play experiences, creating a learning program that is tailored and meaningful for your child.

Your child's learning journey is shared with you via conversations with your child's educators and through written documentation in your centre, and in some centres through StoryPark (an app and website). 

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Kindergarten Fees

The Queensland Government provides funding to make kindy free for families with eligible-age children (children turning 4 years old by 30 June in the year they attend kindy). The funding is provided directly to your centre, and if eligible, you will not pay any daily fee.

Free kindy is only available for one kindergarten group, so you may have to pay fees if your child is enrolled in two groups. For example:

  • If your child is enrolled in both kindergarten groups at one kindy.
  • If your child is enrolled in two different kindergartens. You must nominate which kindergarten will receive the funding when you enrol.
  • If your child is enrolled in a kindergarten and a childcare centre, you will only receive free kindy at the kindy and not at the childcare centre.


Daily Fee

Daily fee (eligible-age children) FREE
Daily fee (non-eligible)* - 5 days a fortnight program TBC
Daily fee (non-eligible)* - 2 days a week program TBC

Other Fees

You may also have to pay an enrolment fee and membership fee. These will be one-off fees and paid before your child starts kindergarten.



Enrolment fee TBC
Membership fee TBC

What if I want my 3 year old to go to kindergarten?*

Priority is given to eligible-age children but if there are places available, we are happy to have 3 year old children at kindy and attend for two years.  The subsidies do not apply for 3 year old children, and the daily fee (non-eligible) will apply. Please contact us on 07 3378 2008 for more information on fees for 3 year olds and to discuss your child and your family’s situation.

I have more questions. Who can I talk to? 

You can find more information on our Kindergarten Fees page or you can download our Fact Sheet.

Please contact us on 07 3378 2008 if you have any other questions.