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What is Childcare?

A C&K Childcare (often called Long Day Care) service offers industry leading quality education and care for children from six weeks of age to five years, for up to 12 hours per day.

Kindergarten programs in Childcare services

Each of C&K’s Childcare services offer approved kindergarten programs within the childcare program. Kindergarten, also known as preschool or pre-prep, is a structured, play-based program led by a university qualified teacher for children in the year before they attend prep at school.

The program, which runs for at least 15 hours per week, 40 weeks per calendar year, focuses on helping children to develop a wide range of essential skills and prepares them for their transition to school.

Government funding

C&K Childcare services are approved by the Australian Government, which means you may be eligible for fee reduction via Child Care Benefit (CCB) for Approved Care and the Child Care Rebate (CCR). Visit or contact your local service to find out more.

Why choose a C&K service?

C&K is Queensland’s largest early childhood education and care provider with more than 100 years’ experience providing industry leading programs that assist children to learn, grow and thrive.

Our services provide a nurturing, engaging and stimulating education and care environment where our dedicated teaching professionals understand the importance of the early years in assisting children to develop, and have the knowledge and experience to ensure they reach their full potential.

C&K gives children the best start in their lifelong education journey through:

Our curriculum: The C&K early childhood curriculum C&K Building waterfalls embeds the C&K philosophy in everything  we do and complements the national Early Years Learning Framework.

Our educators: Our university qualified educators are passionate about helping children learn through play so they can reach their full potential.  We value children and invest in quality training and professional development for our Educators.

Our environments: Our services contain large, natural and sustainable outdoor environments that encourage children to explore, discover and learn through nature. Our services encourage a variety of stimulating experiences that help children build essential skills. Our Educators foster a warm, safe and nurturing atmosphere that allows children and families to feel comfortable and reassured.

Embracing Diversity: C&K embraces and celebrates the diversity that exists within and between our communities and invites and welcomes you to share your culture, background and life experiences with us.

Our commitment to quality: C&K services have performed above the rest of the country in National Quality Standards and we have a dedicated team supporting our frontline services to continually improve on the quality outcomes for your children.


Please email or call 1800 177 092 to learn more about C&K’s Childcare services.