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C&K Policies and Procedures

C&K policies and procedures support Educators and families to provide the highest quality education and care. All policies and procedures reflect relevant legislation and recommended guidelines.

C&K educators follow well-researched, thorough policies, procedures and guidelines. C&K policies are developed and reviewed through a consultative process with input from families, educators and relevant agencies. We encourage families to contribute to policy review by email at policyfeedback@candk.asn.au.


C&K acknowledges that protecting children’s safety and wellbeing is everyone’s responsibility. Safe, protective and healthy environments in which children live, learn and are cared for are fundamental to every child having the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Child Protection Policy

Reporting an allegation of child harm occurring within a C&K service

Reporting child protection concerns


Access, arrival and departure
To ensure children’s safety at arrival and departure times, there are a number of requirements for families and educators.

Emergency and evacuations
All C&K services have emergency procedures that are specific to their building and location.

Excursions provide children to learn and engage within their community.

Nutrition and food safety
C&K supports and works alongside families to assist children to develop healthy eating habits.

Sun safety
Educators will implement sun safety strategies to minmise children’s exposure to the sun.

Volunteers, students and visitors
Students, volunteers and visitors enrich the learning program and strengthen community links.


Volunteers, students and external contractors

Water safety
Educators follow safety and supervision strategies when children are learning with water.

Workplace health and safety
C&K is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for children, families and staff.



First Aid
All C&K educators have first aid qualifications, including emergency management of asthma and anaphylaxis.

Infectious illnesses and exclusion
Educators implement a number of strategies to minmise the spread of illness. Parents / guardians are asked to care for their child at home if they have an infectious illness.

Educators work with families to ensure children’s health needs are considered when medication is administered at the service.

Medical conditions
C&K educators work in partnership with families to ensure all health needs are considered and planned for.

SO01.09.01 Quick reference guide Asthma

SO01.09.02 Quick reference guide Anaphylaxis



Enrolment and orientation
Support and guidance are provided to educators when enrolling and orientating new families.



Parental Code of Conduct
This code applies to all parents, carers, guardians and family members of children enrolled in a C&K service. 

C&K Social Media Policy
This policy applies to all C&K branch services, C&K affiliates, children, parents, volunteers and any visitors to services for engaging in social media platforms. 


FEES (Branch Services Only)

During and throughout enrolment, C&K will provide families with information on how, when and what fees are applicable.

Childcare, Outside School Hours Care and Early Education Services Care


FEEDBACK (Branch Services Only)

Feedback and complaints

C&K values feedback and encourages families to share any concerns they may have. Feedback can be shared:
·         in person by speaking to the service Director of relevant C&K service,
·         in writing via email (feedback@candk.asn.au) or completing an online form, or
·         by telephoning the relevant C&K service / site or C&K Central (07 3552 5300). 


PRIVACY (Branch Services Only)

Privacy Policy
C&K collects, stores, uses and discloses personal information, and upholds your rights, in accordance with the Australian Privacy Principles contained in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth) (Privacy Act).

Privacy Complaints Policy
C&K is committed to providing an effective, efficient and responsive privacy complaints handling regime, which promotes transparency and openness.



Education and Care Services Legislation
C&K policies and procedures reflect the requirements of the Education and Care Services National Law and Regulations.

If you would like a copy of a policy document or you have a question about a C&K policy or procedure, please contact your Service Director or the C&K Quality and Regulation Team by emailing nqf@candk.asn.au or 3513 2597.