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Enrolment Process

Can my child start soon? 

We can help you find a place at C&K near you. Please call our Enrolments Team on 1800 177 092 or email us.

How do I enrol for 2018 or beyond? 

C&K takes waiting list applications for future enrolments.  For kindergarten, we enrol children from our waiting list the year before kindy starts. For childcare, we enrol as places become available. 

Please use the "Find a C&K near you" search box on the right to find your preferred kindy or childcare. You are welcome to apply for as many C&Ks as you wish.

For branches - owned and operated by C&K

If you see an "Online Waiting List" button this means it is a branch and you can fill out a waiting list application online. C&K branches are free to waitlist at. Please click "Online Waiting List" to add your child's name via the Kidsoft Parent Portal (this is another website).

For affiliates - owned and operated by parent-run committees

Please see their webpage for their waiting list process. A waiting list fee may apply for some affiliated services.

Can I visit a C&K kindergarten or childcare? 

You are most welcome to visit any C&K to meet our friendly and professional educators, to learn more about our education program and to tour our inviting indoor and natural outdoor environments.

C&K has an open door policy, but if you can arrange a time then we can make sure that we are not out. (For example visiting our local school or library).  Please use the "Find a C&K near you" search box to contact the kindy or childcare directly.

When does C&K start enroling children? 


  • 2017 -  we will enrol children where places are available
  • 2018 - we will start enroling children in May 2017 and continue until all places have been filled 
  • 2019 onwards - we usually start enroling the year before


We enrol children as places become available.

Update: 2018 Enrolment Offers for C&K branch kindergartens will start before the end of May 2017

This Enrolment infographic (PDF - mobile friendly) outlines the 2018 enrolment offer process.

  • If you would like to enrol your child for a C&K branch kindergarten, please click the "Online Waiting List" button on your kindy's webpage. You will taken to C&K's iParentPortal website.  
  • You will be asked to Register (if you are a new user) or Log in (if you have already registered for C&K's iParentPortal website).
  • If you have already submitted an online or paper waiting list form, this will already be in there, you don't need to create another waiting list application.
  • Once you are logged in you will be able to create and update your child's waiting list application.  
  • If you receive an enrolment offer via email, you will also be able to use this website to accept or decline your enrolment offer and to complete your enrolment documentation online.  

If you have any questions, please call our Enrolments Team on 1800 177 092 or email us.