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Enrolment Process

Quick guides to enrolling and waitlisting at C&K centres 

C&K enrols children into our branch centres from a waitlist. Waitlisting is free, and places are offered to children based on their age, then by the date you submit your application.

View our enrolment infographics (branch only):

  • How to enrol - C&K enrols children into our centres from a waitlist. Waitlisting is free and offers are made based on the date you submit your waitlist application and your child's age. 
  • Accepting your offer - When a place at a C&K centre is a available, you will be sent an email and SMS with details on how to finalise your enrolment.  We recommend using a computer or tablet to complete the enrolment process, as using your mobile may be challenging.  Please click here to watch a short video that outlines the process for accepting your enrolment offer with C&K.

Find a C&K near you

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We can also help you find your closest C&K. Please call us on 1800 177 092 or email us.

How do I enrol for future years?

C&K takes waiting list applications for future enrolments.  

  • For Kindergarten, we start to enrol children from our waiting list the year before kindy starts and continue as places become available during the year.
  • For Childcare centres, we enrol children as places become available. 

You are welcome to waitlist for as many C&K centres as you wish – it’s free to join the waitlist at C&K branches.

For branches - owned and operated by C&K
  • If you see an Enrol online button, this means it is a branch C&K centre and you can enrol online. To start your enrolment process, please complete our online form as soon as possible. This adds you to our waitlist and we will invite you to enrol when a space becomes available or at bulk enrolment offer time for the following year. Places are offered as per our Enrolment and Orientation procedure. If you have submitted a paper waiting list form, you do not need to complete an online form for the same centre.
  • Please click Enrol online to add your child's name to your preferred C&K centre.
  • If you receive an enrolment offer via email, you will be required to register for C&K's parent portal to complete your enrolment documentation online.

For affiliates - owned and operated by parent-run committees 

  • Please refer to their webpage for contact details and how to waitlist. A waiting list fee may apply for some affiliated centres. 

Can I visit a C&K kindergarten or childcare?

You are most welcome to visit any C&K centre to meet our friendly and professional educators, to learn more about our education program, and to tour our inviting indoor and natural outdoor environments.

C&K has an open-door policy, but if you can arrange a time, then we can make sure that we are available to show you around and answer any questions you may have. Please use the "Find a C&K near you" search box to contact the kindergarten or childcare centre directly.

When does C&K start enrolling children?


  • We start to enrol children from our waiting list the year before kindy starts and continue as places become available during the year.


We enrol children as places become available during the year.

If you have any questions, please call 1800 177 092 or email us.