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Flexible booking options - C&K childcare

At C&K we appreciate that each family is different with individual needs.

We offer flexible booking options, designed to help you maximise your Child Care Subsidy and access to early childhood education and care while minimising out-of-pocket costs.

We have three options available:

  • A full day
  • 9-hour session
  • 10-hour session

Our 9 and 10 hour sessions work in with your schedule and start once your child is signed in, they do not have set start and finish times.

What are the benefits?

Our flexible booking options means you can book in for, and only use, the hours you need each day.

How flexible booking works for the Stott family

The Stott family have their daughter, Sophia, attend a C&K childcare four days a week.

Old system – used subsidy within 3 days

The government has given the Stott family 36 hours of subsidised childcare each week. Without a flexible booking, their 36 hours is used within 3 days.

On the fourth day they pay the full daily rate.

Flexible booking system – subsidy lasts all 4 days

At C&K the Stott family decided to use the new flexible hours.

They usually drop off Sophia at 7:30am and pick her up at 4:30pm, so they changed their booking to the 9-hour session instead of the full day.

Their 36 hours now lasts across the 4 days Sophia attends childcare.

How do I book?

Speak to your C&K Childcare Director to find out how you can best utilise flexble booking options with C&K.


Available sessions: full day, 10 hours, 9 hours

Please note:

  • We understand sometimes unplanned delays happen. We have a grace period of 15 minutes past your scheduled session time.
  • If you go past your booked hours, for example use 10 hours after booking 9 hours, you will be charged a casual rate of $15 per hour.
  • Additional casual hours can be booked at $15 per hour.


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