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How to fill your child's emotional cup

Wednesday 4 March 2020 3:20 pm

With the kindergarten term now in full swing, you may have noticed some changes in your child’s behaviour.  As your child begins making sense of their exciting new world of learning, they may become more sensitive to what is happening around them – this is normal and something many families experience. As a parent, you may be asking yourself, how can I help?

Understanding that your child is transitioning to a new stage and place and that this process can take time, is a good place to start.

Finding some one-on-one time when your child has your undivided attention is also important, even it is only for ten minutes.
Don’t forget a snack in the car when you pick your child up. This can make a difference to their afternoon.
Keep talking to your child positively about kindy. Encourage them to focus on what they enjoy, such as a book with their teacher or their adventures in nature. This is a great ritual you can weave into your travel to or from kindy.  Keep questions to a minimum as this can be overwhelming if your child is tired or hungry.  
Reconnect at the end of the day by playing together outside, reading a book or simply being in each other's company – you are their safe haven. 
Other ideas to help fill your child’s emotional cup, include:

  • Re-telling a favourite story
  • Listening to music, or
  • Sharing what you are both grateful for.

Remember, your child's teacher is always available to help ensure your child's kindergarten learning journey is the most rewarding experience it can be.   

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