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C&K Mooloolaba Childcare Centre

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday 

6:30am - 6:15pm


Room 1: Babies (0-2 year olds)

Room 2: Pre-Kindy (2-3 year olds)

Room 3: Kindy (3-5 year olds)


Welcome to C&K Mooloolaba,

C&K Mooloolaba Childcare Centre is a branch service of C&K. This early childhood education centre began with Maroochy Shire Council in 1982 and transitioned to C&K in 2007. Since 1982 this centre has played an important part in the lives of hundreds of children and their families in and around this local area. C&K Mooloolaba caters for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years and includes a Queensland Government approved kindergarten program.

Here at C&K Mooloolaba we have large natural play spaces including trees, scrubs, 2 large sandpits, decks, a vegetable garden with water tank, a bush tucker garden, swings and a fort. We value the importance of playing in and learning from natural environments and encourage the native wildlife with bird feeders and have 2 chickens, Henny Penny and Milly, as well as our own stingless native bees hive in the vegetable garden. Our centre is welcoming and friendly with a homely feel and comprises of three play rooms and we provide nappies for the children in our Nursery and Pre-Kindy age groups.

C&K Mooloolaba embraces C&K’s nationally acclaimed and highly regarded Building Waterfalls curriculum and the Early Year Learning Framework. We believe a play-based approach is vital for children to learn and grow. We recognise that C&K’s Building Waterfalls Curriculum and the Early Years Learning Framework promotes optimal development when educators respect and respond to each child’s learning opportunities in conjunction with their families and communities.

We believe learning is most meaningful when it occurs in the context of the child’s everyday life experiences at home and at the centre. Learning is fostered in an environment that is facilitated and supported by responsive, experienced educators. Our educators are dedicated to ongoing professional development and teamwork to maximize the potential for each child.

We are a high quality provider of early education and care and we are thrilled that you are considering us for your child’s care and education.

Yours Sincerely

Jacqui Porteous

Queensland Government Approved Program  

We offer a unique kindergarten program based on our own internationally-recognised teaching guidelines - ‘Building waterfalls’. Our government approved program is centred around a living and learning community that values children as competent and capable individuals. This play-based curriculum helps children to socialise, build confidence, develop communication and early literacy and numeracy skills to ensure your child is school ready.

Child-Led Learning 

No two days are the same at C&K Mooloolaba. Our teaching team tailor each day’s learning taking into account the interests of the children in the group. The spacious environment at our kindy is thoughtfully planned and well resourced. There is a focus on music, drama, literature and visual arts and time spent discovering the natural environment outdoors.

Community Spirit 

Community spirit is important to us at C&K Mooloolaba. We foster our strong ties to the local community by encouraging parent involvement in the daily operations of the kindergarten. We often hold and partake in community events and love connecting with local businesses and groups around us. 

To enrol at this service the following options exist:

1. Enrol now - Please contact our Enrolments team on 3513 2503 or enrolments@candk.asn.au. You may be able to enrol immediately if a place is available. If no place is available we will place your child on a waiting list or suggest alternatives

2. Enrol later  Please click the “Online waiting list” button above and fill out the form. You will be added to a queue and contacted as soon as a suitable place is available. Places are usually offered for the following year, between May and July the year before.

Which year should my child attend kindy?

Kindergarten Eligibility:

  • 2017 - Children born 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013
  • 2018 - Children born 1 July 2013 to 30 June 2014
  • 2019 - Children born 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2015
  • 2020 - Children born 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016
  • 2021 - Children born 1 July 2016 to 30 June 2017

C&K Building waterfalls is C&K’s early childhood curriculum framework.  It is Australia’s first collaborative birth to school age curriculum framework and is universally acclaimed as inspiring and thought provoking, taking early childhood education to a new level.  C&K Building waterfalls is based upon enduring C&K philosophy, as well as encompassing contemporary practices and understandings of the early years and it is used by Educators at every C&K service.

C&K Building waterfalls: a guideline for educators, living and learning with children aged birth to three offers all early childhood educators, whether in a Long Day Care, Family Day Care or in-home care setting, an approach to the earliest years of care and education based on enduring C&K philosophy, as well as encompassing contemporary practices and understandings of the early years.

C&K believes that children do not learn in isolation. It is a collaborative process. C&K Building waterfalls teaching and learning guidelines acknowledge the important role Educators, parents, other children and the physical environment play in a child’s learning.  C&K Building waterfalls acknowledges children as competent and capable learners


To read more about C&K Building waterfalls click here.


Yates Garden Project
Five weeks ago we joined the Yates Gardens Project and embarked on learning about healthy food and sustainability. The program involves teaching children about growing their own food through a hands-on-experience. The children have been heavily involved by planting their own seeds and maintaining their plants to become fruitful. We have now seen some beautiful flowers blossom and are keenly waiting for the fruit and vegetables to sprout. We are hoping to have enough fruit and vegetables to sell at our very own stall.

Here at C&K Mooloolaba we are determined to improve our environment and  increase sustainability.

Connecting to land and culture.
Hopevale Kindy
C&K staff member's Mardi Hamilton and Ellarna Kidd, had been invovled in a life changing project called" Embedding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Perspectives into child care settings". This involved meeting once a month in Brisbane with inspiring people from around Queensland, working in long day care, Occassional , Family Day Care and After School Care. The experince taught us ways to, stop, listen and observe and to allow time to take in what nature has to offer while learning the history of Autralia's first people. By understanding and learning the history of Australia we are better prepared to share this with our colleges.

Determined to help close the gap, we, as a centre started to put in place small changes, including installing an ackowledgment plaque, holding a Harmony Day, erecting flags from the federal department, and embedding these ideas througout our programming and observations.

We realised C&K is a big organisation and what better way to close the gap than to start doing this throughout our centres. By contacting our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander representative , we were able to make contact with Hopevale Kindy. As you could imagine we were very excited that Hopevale responded. We are in the baby steps of communication but have already shared stories and achievements from both centres.

Read the PenPal letters here.

We are hoping from this connection , we as a centre will learn from Hopevale Indigenous children, about their culture and help to enlarge our knowledge and share our stories.

Recently acquired a Coles-Junior Landcare Grant for a Kitchen Garden for the Centre and it's families.


The La Galleria dei Bambini Art Show gallery night was a wonderful night and enjoyed by everyone.  A special thank you to all the special guests and families who attended and helped to make the night such a great success. Here are some photos from the night.


As a not-for-profit organisation, C&K reinvests any surplus back into our services and programs to better achieve outcomes for all children and communities. We aim to keep fees affordable for families and has developed a fee system to maximise family access to available subsidies. Read more about C&K's fee policies.

C&K Mooloolaba's daily fees are:

  • Kindy Room (3-5 year olds): $97.00
  • Other Rooms (0-3 year olds): Please contact us

Government subsidies may be available - if you are eligible, you may have low or no out of pocket fees. Please speak with Centrelink or us to find out if you are eligible.

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