Purpose, Values and Strategy | C&K - childcare and kindergarten

Purpose, Values and Strategy

Our Purpose

To guide children's learning journeys and maximise their life outcomes. 


Our Values

Integrity: We stand by our word

Respect: We are inclusive and value culture and diversity

Collaboration: We work together to achieve together

Courage: We embrace change and challenge

Safety: We take care of ourselves and others


Our Vision

Another 100 years of excellence in early education and care.

What does this mean to us: We will strive for excellence in everything we do now and into the future 


Our Areas of Excellence and Strategic Pillars (2018 - 2020)   

Education and Care Excellence

Our Thought Leadership: C&K leads early education and care with innovation, advocacy and quality practice for all children.


Service Excellence

Our Customers and Brand: C&K listens to children, families and partners and seeks to understand their needs.

Our Service and Product Offerings: C&K strengthens, grows and diversifies to meet the needs of children, families and partners.

Our Foundations for Sustainability: C&K is an efficient not-for-profit organisation investing in children and communities. 


Professional Excellence

Our People and Relationships: C&K nurtures a highly skilled and agile workforce that reflects our values.


Please view the Strategic Plan 2018 - 2020 for more information or watch our C&K Strategy 2018 - 2020 video.