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Go on a tadpole hunting adventure

Tuesday 30 January 2018 1:13 pm

Get your feet wet (or pull on some gumboots!), make a stocking net from a wire coat hanger and head for a still pond or creek. Reach as far as you can into the pond and drag your net along the bottom where the little tadpoles are hiding. Lift your net half way out of the water to see if any tadpoles are splashing around in the bottom of the net. If you catch one, scoop it out with your hand and place it in a container filled with water from the pond.

If you want to take the tadpoles home, make sure when you fill the container you also scoop up lots of good plant matter from the bottom of the pond for the tadpoles to live off. As the tadpoles' legs begin to grow they will need a place to rest. Use some stones or gravel to make an island for them.

Then wait and watch as the tadpoles grow into little frogs! Encourage your children to be kind to nature and return them to the pond in which you found them.

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