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Ways to keep cool with your child this summer

Sunday 15 December 2019 3:13 pm

In the first five years, children learn more quickly than at any other stage of their life and we want your child to have every opportunity to learn through play even before they take those first tentative steps into C&K next year. 

To help you get started, we would love to share some fun, water-based activities that you and your family can enjoy and do together during the warmer months.

'Water days' where children spend the day exploring water play, are always a huge hit. This might look like making mud pies in a shady corner of your garden, reusing bath or shower water in a large bucket with pouring toys, creating goop or making fruit or treasure-filled ice blocks.  It's also a good opportunity to talk about using water wisely, as many of our Queensland families struggle through the drought.
Embarking on these types of natural adventures will help develop your child’s problem-solving skills, they are also a great way to explore their imagination, and have fun together as a family. Nurturing these important early childhood skills are a key part of C&K’s philosophy of learning through play.

Mud play  

Mud play is the perfect activity to enjoy any time of the year. Children are fascinated by mud and will love jumping around, watching it squelch and splash, and making mud pies. Having free fun in your own backyard is a great way for you and your children to get back in touch with nature. Children enjoy the sensory aspects of mud play, “It’s very gooey” and you may want to investigate what happens when more water is added or when it dries. 

Make your own goop  

Goop (also known as oobleck) can be great fun for all the family and is a perfect activity to do when it’s too hot to go outside. With only three ingredients, this activity is sure to keep children busy learning and playing together. It’s a liquid but also has properties of a solid, so it can be squeezed into balls, or dribbled through fingers. Toys can be added and utensils used to cut, scoop and move the goop around. 

All you need is food colouring, 2 cups of water and 2 packets of cornflour, then: 

  • Stir the food colouring into the water (have fun mixing colours). 
  • Combine the cornflour and water together in a large container or bowl.   
  • Mix until the goop is formed. 

Frozen treasure  

Hunting for frozen treasure is a sure to please the children on a hot day.  To do this, gather some toys, seeds, leaves, whatever your child is interested and place them in a bowl and fill it with water.  Next, put it in the freezer for a few hours. Once frozen, give your child a blunt object (toy hammer, wooden spoons) to use to chip away at the ice and uncover the treasure within!  

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