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C&K Babinda Community Kindergarten

Operating Days and Hours

Thursday and Friday 8.30am - 4.15pm


Our program aims to provide an appropriate balance of teacher initiated and children initiated activities focused on interests, enjoyment and free choice. You will see the children engaged in painting, pasting, puzzles, block building, dressing up, story reading, sand and water play, climbing, running and other outdoor activities.

We strive to ensure our program reflects and meets the needs and interests of the Babinda and Yidinji Community. At Babinda Kindergarten, we strive:

  • to respect the rights of children as enshrined in the United Nations Convention on the rights of the child (1989) and commit to advocating for these rights
  • To provide an environment where children and families have a sense of belonging
  • To provide a safe, caring and nurturing environment which is reflective to our community
  • To promote play based learning that also incorporates teaching with intent
  • To focus on the needs and interests of the child
  • To accept and embrace that each child is a unique individual
  • To encourage children to negotiate and collaborate in planning their environment and their program
  • To create a safe but challenging environment which encourages the children to be active negotiators and collaborators in their own risk taking and risk assessment
  • To create an environment that fosters a sense of wonder about the world, and love and awareness for our environment
  • To take an active role in caring for our environment, our sustainable practice and our responsibilities in contributing to a sustainable future
  • To be responsive and flexible with respect to children's interests, needs and spontaneous situations. 

Free Kindy for 2022 - Enrol Now

C&K Babinda Community Kindergarten has secured additional funding from the Queensland Department of Education to offer Free Kindy for 2022. The funding allows families of eligible-aged children to attend C&K Babinda Community Kindergarten for 15 hours per week at no cost. Your child must turn four-years-old by 30 June 2022 to be eligible for the funding. Please contact us today for more information or to enrol and secure your child’s place today.

Enrol now!

Please register your intent for your child to attend this kindergarten as soon as possible from any age (0-5 years). 
To enrol at this service, either: 
  1. Drop in to our centre any Thursday or Friday between 8:30am – 4.15pm (during school terms) or call 4067 1294 during those times to ask about enrolling your child and to pick up the paperwork you need; or;
  2. You can download and complete the waiting list application form for your child as soon as they are born, and either email it to , post it, or drop it off. Once your application is received, we may contact you to discuss your application which may include a request for further information and / or clarification. We will contact you when a position becomes available; or;
  3. If your child has already turned three and the Director offers your child a place, you can download and complete the enrolment booklet and either email it to kindy@babindakindy.com.au, post it, or drop it of

Kindergarten Eligibility:

  • 2022 - Children born 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018
  • 2023 - Children born 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019
  • 2024 - Children born 1 July 2019 to 30 June 2020
  • 2025 - Children born 1 July 2020 to 30 June 2021
  • 2026 - Children born 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022

Kindergarten, also known as pre-prep or preschool, is a program for children in the year before they attend school. When places are available, 3-year old children may be able to attend.

C&K's kindergarten programs are guided by university-qualified teachers and support children to be curious, capable, and collaborative learners.

At C&K we know that children do not learn in isolation, for us learning is partnership between teachers, children, parents, and communities. 

Our curriculum approach, Listening and Learning Together, aligns with both The Early Years Learning Framework for Australia (EYLF), and the Queensland Kindergarten Learning Guideline (QKLG).

It continues the longstanding traditions and philosophical commitments of C&K to our children, families and communities. Read more about the history of C&K.

We've designed our indoor and outdoor spaces to ignite imaginations, nurture healthy minds and bodies, as children explore, experiment, play and learn.

Learning through play is an integral part of our education program. Our educators skilfully enrich and extend on children's play experiences, creating a learning program that is tailored and meaningful for your child.

Your child's learning journey is shared with you via conversations with your child's educators and through written documentation in your centre, and in some centres through StoryPark (an app and website). 

Read more about C&K's education program.


For eligible aged children (4 by 30 June)

  • $46.25 per day (SEIFA applied)

For eligible aged children (4 by 30 June) *with a Health Care Card/Pensioner Card, triplets, or whom identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander: 

  • $15.15 per day (QKFS Kindy Plus subsidy applied)

*to be eligible age to receive the subsidies, children must be at least 4 years of age by 30 June

For more information, please refer to our 2022 Statement of Fees (PDF)