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Vote for our C&K finalists in the Quest Community grants

Nine C&Ks have made the Quest Community grants finals. Help us get mud kitchens, sensory toys, music and gardens for our kids. 

C&K Arana Hills

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The Educators at C&K Arana Hills are very passionate about providing a wide range of opportunities to educate and support our families at the centre. We would like to purchase a large noticeboard for our foyer to share resources and contacts with the wider community. We would also like to establish a parent information library to inform and empower our families on topics such as managing challenging behaviours, positive parenting, literature about school readiness etc.

C&K Bald Hills

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We would like to create an inclusive, sensory garden with an emphasis on sustainability. The sensory garden will include a selection of scented plants and edible herbs being planted in a vertical garden. This will engage all children and fulfil the sensory seeking needs of a number of children requiring additional support. The garden will promote sustainability through children composting waste to use within the vertical garden and collecting rain water from existing water tanks.

C&K Bradman Street

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We would like to develop a Parent Lounge at our service. This dedicated area will provide our families with an informative parent resource library to research parenting information and to borrow books to help them help their children. It will also provide parents with the opportunity to network with each other; breastfeed in private; or simply take some “me” time to catch their breaths before picking up their children after a busy day.

C&K Crestmead 

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We would like to establish an informative and interactive library for parents. We would like our service to be a source of valuable information that empowers our families to be the best parents they can be. Our library will provide information on a range of issues such as language barriers, multicultural inclusion, additional needs, safety, nutrition, overall development and interactive stories. Let’s work together for our future!

C&K Moorooka

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Our project will educate children about environmental sustainability and healthy eating. To achieve this we would like to establish a recycling area and a community vegetable garden. Our project is a full life cycle garden from seed, growth, harvest, consumption and composting the food scraps to benefit the next crop of produce. Our project will provide children with hands on experience in the garden, as well as the opportunity to learn more about healthy eating, sustainability and recycling.

C&K Norman Park

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We are a respected community group and has offered generations of children in the area an exceptional pre-schooling educational experience. Our indoor/outdoor program provides an excellent foundation for future education. Our extensive outdoor area is in need of shade sails to promote our sun safe message and allow the children in our community the opportunity to play and explore in a sun safe environment.

C&K Paddington

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We would like to provide our children with the opportunity for acoustic development and appreciation. Music, dance and song play an important role in our culture. Being a centre with families from diverse cultural backgrounds, music is a medium to share cultural identities and celebrations. Music ignites all areas of child development: intellectual, social, emotional, motor and language. It also helps children learn sounds, meanings of words and strengthen memory skills.

C&K Redbank Plains

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Many children are entering kindergarten with some type of sensory processing difficulty. C&K Redbank Plains would like to purchase a diverse range of resources to provide a sensory-rich environment, which can work in compliantly with children's occupational therapists, whilst also benefiting undiagnosed children. Children will develop their cognitive, physical, creative, literacy and numeracy, oral language and creativity skills. Additionally sensory play is fun, messy and creative!

C&K Stretton

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We would like to incorporate 2 mud kitchens into their outdoor environment. Earth and water are important materials within our physical world. Mixing these elements with a variety of other natural materials has a foundational role in early childhood which enables children to explore, create and engage with their natural environment. Learning opportunities for children from mud play include:

  • Co-operative play
  • Understanding the elements of dirt and water
  • Social interactions