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Infant and Toddler Approach

C&K has developed an infant and toddler approach which informs the way we build relationships, care for and engage in learning with our babies and toddlers. 

Our philosophy for this age is to “slow down” and be in the moment with your child as they learn and explore the world. We focus on developing a deep and trusting relationship with each baby or toddler.

C&K educators in our childcare centres across Queensland focus on this approach to provide for and develop a program that meets the needs of each individual child and family. 

Babies are naturally interested in the wonder of the world - and we love to wonder with them.


Feel safe to explore and learn

We use care moments, times for nappy change, feeding, dressing, going to sleep and so on as a purposeful time to connect and support learning. We will be 100% present with your child, we find this helps fill a baby or toddler's emotional bucket so they can go out and explore confidently and happily. Everything is done with - and not to - your baby or toddler. We all take the time to listen and play alongside your baby, so we become trusted adults in your baby or toddler's circle and support their learning.

Partnering with parents

Parents (carers or guardians), are a child's first, and most important teacher. We will take the time to get to know you and your child, and respect your identity and culture. We will share key learning moments with you, in person via our learning app, StoryPark and through other forms of pedagogical documentation.

Routines and shared rituals are developed in consultation with you and we will be flexible with your child. We may ask when, what and how your child likes to eat, how they like to go to sleep and what your routine at home is like, so that our childcare centre can be an extension of your home. We find, and research shows that, consistency and predictability helps children feel safe and calm.

Engaging environments to explore

We have carefully, and expertly, designed our indoor and outdoor play spaces specifically for babies and toddlers. You will notice low tables and chairs, this helps toddlers and babies move around safely and independently. They can choose materials they are interested in, or observe another child play. We have a selection of open-ended resources to spark your child's imagination, perfectly designed for their age and stage of development. Cloth to wrap, objects to post and stack, discovery bottles, loose parts, sensory play and much more. 

Our indoor and outdoor spaces:

  • provide time and space for uninterrupted play
  • engage all the senses ​
  • invite exploration  - they are for wondering, creating and testing their ideas​
  • for active and quiet moments​
  • are natural, calm and well-cared for.

Over 100 years' of experience

At C&K we will bring over 100 years' in the early education and care professional. Our infant and toddler approach is part of our holistic education curriculum. Our educators are early childhood professionals.

Arrivals and departures

Many parents worry about dropping off their baby or toddler at childcare. At C&K we take the time to make drop-offs as comfortable as possible for you and your child.  We also encourage families to visit our centres before they start - come for a couple of play dates so your child can learn about our centre, and we can learn about you and your child.

Bottle feeding and going to sleep

"How will he sleep? Will she drink her bottle?" are common worries for parents starting a new childcare centre. At C&K, our educators create care moments. Moments of time that are purposefully created between the educator and the child. These moments create a bond and trust, so your baby knows they are safe and secure.

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