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Starting school

Leaving kindy or childcare and starting school

Starting school is an important and exciting time for children and families. We will help your child to transition successfully from kindergarten or childcare to school. We may already be working with your local school but there are things that parents can do too.

What you can do to make the transition to school a positive and calm experience

There are lots of ways to help make the move to school a smooth one. Here are just a few  ideas:

  • Talk regularly with your child about the experiences they might engage in, the friends they will make, and the interesting things they will learn
  • Encourage them to put on and do up their own shoes, and carry their own bag
  • Walk past the new school so that your child knows what it looks like
  • Learn the names for break times such as Big Lunch or Second Break
  • Encourage eating and drinking without help by supporting your child to wrap and unwrap food and fill up their drink bottle
  • Share and discuss positive experiences from your own school days
  • Ask for their help in naming items and uniforms, so they know how to identify them if they get lost
  • Show where you will pick your child up each day, and explain what to do if you are late
  • Talk about staying safe at school, as there may not be child proof gates
  • Attend the school’s Open Day and meet your child’s teacher
  • Find the Prep classrooms, bag lockers, play areas, toilets, lunch spaces and drink bubblers together
  • Participate in the school’s ‘Under 8’s Week’ activities if they are open to the community
  • Reassure your child that if they are unsure of anything, to ask an adult

What is a transition statement?

Your child will have a transition statement prepared by their educators, with input from you and your child. This statement provides a snapshot of your child’s learning across their kindergarten year.

The statement contains valuable information for you and your child’s Prep teacher; it explains what sort of learner your child is, their strengths and interests, and ensures your child’s school knows how to support your child from the moment they arrive.

We strongly encourage you to share your child’s transition statement with your chosen school. With your consent your child’s Transition Statement can be shared with your school.

How does C&K help children transition to school?

In the video below, C&K Lutwyche Windsor Community Kindergarten, C&K Wilston Grange Community Kindergarten and Windsor State School share their story in how they support their children to successfully transition to school. The two C&K centres are the 2014 Winners of C&K Excellence and Innovation Award for Innovation in Transitioning.  


Need more help?

If are you are concerned at all about your child starting school, please speak to your Teacher or Director.

Starting School Activity Book

C&K and Mission Australia have produced a Starting School Activity Book, please speak to your kindy or childcare if you would like to buy a copy.